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Deborah R. Lain, BA, MSc. has been a Chartered Psychologist in the province of Alberta since 1983.  She is a member of the Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology which identifies psychologists who have met supplementary training and experience beyond those criteria required for provincial licensure.

Deborah offers a service that is grounded in 30 years of experience.  She has strong clinical skills and would be described as an active and goal-oriented therapist.  She offers new meaning to multiple issues and provides clarity to that which has been overwhelming.  Deborah assists others in building bridges of understanding between the past and itsí impact and relevance to the present.  She creates opportunities to appreciate the purpose, lessons and potential gifts out of the challenges of life.

What makes Deborah unique is the authenticity that she brings to her work.  She conveys understanding that is respectful, honest, compassionate and human.  The insights that she has gained from her own experiences allow her to understand the courage that it takes to face all that life may bring.  She believes in the capacity of the human spirit and it is her passion to empower others in remembering and reclaiming the value and strength that is within each of us.

Deborah is known for her insight and has a gift to facilitate emotional healing.  She brings a unique blend of humor, knowledge and wisdom to her sessions while fostering an environment of safety and trust.

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