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SoulSpring Counselling offers a variety of interactive and educational seminars. 

These will be on topics designed to maximize your best self.  Each seminar is two-hours in length and refreshments will be served.  Dates and times to be announced.

The Art of Positive Self-Talk

We all have an inner conversation with ourselves, but all too often it is critical.  Learn how engaging in negative self-chatter affects our mood and emotional well-being.

Freedom from Depression

Depression is often associated with four types of symptoms including changes in mood, physical symptoms, anxiety and thought patterns.  Learn strategies for coping and feeling better.

Building Healthy Self-Esteem

How you feel about yourself is influenced by how you perceive your experiences, your past and current beliefs, and your internal messages.  Learn how to continue the journey toward self-acceptance and self-worth.

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The Power of Communication

Understand the difference between the various styles of communication; passive, aggressive and assertive.  Learn the skills that will assist you in expressing your feelings, thoughts and your need to be understood.

Mastering Conflict

Often we have barriers that prevent us from handling conflict effectively.  Learn to identify these patterns and the essential steps for resolving conflict in different areas of your life.

Overcoming Anxiety

When life gets overwhelming, we can develop anxiety and panic.  Learn to understand what is happening during an anxiety attack and what you can do to effectively manage it better.

Strategies for Stressful Times

We all experience stress, but how we respond to it will influence how we cope.  Learn to reduce the risks to your health, identify self-defeating behaviors and thoughts and apply techniques for relaxation.

Purpose Beyond Pain

This workshop will discuss the emotional impact that illness or injury can have.  Learn to grieve losses, adjust to changes, maintain self-worth and find meaning and purpose in spite of the pain.  You will learn ways to manage your pain and gain a greater sense of self-control and mastery over your condition.

Asserting Your Boundaries

Boundaries empower us to determine how we will be treated by others.  Understand what contributes to weak boundaries and learn tools to strengthen them with others.

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