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How To Manage Stress? Yes Improving Low Self-Esteem? Yes
Coping with Chronic Illness? Yes Learning Assertiveness? Yes
Managing Chronic Pain? Yes Resolving Childhood Trauma? Yes
Preparing for Surgery? Yes Improving Communication? Yes
Coping with Breast Cancer? Yes Learning Conflict Resolution? Yes
Managing Tinnitus? Yes Recognizing Abuse? Yes
Dealing with Relationship Issues? Yes Coping with Loss? Yes
Coping with Depression & Anxiety? Yes Changing Negative Thoughts? Yes
If you answered yes to any of the above, SoulSpring Counselling provides...
  • Clarity & alternative perspectives on understanding past and present concerns

  • Recognition of patterns & obstacles that prevent change

  • Strategies for coping more effectively with situations

  • Guidance on how to learn the skills to achieve your goals for personal growth and healing

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